Légendes Arthuriennes et autres

Légendes Arthuriennes et autres

Unbreakable loyalty - Tristan and Isolde

Metal against metal,
Clang and clash,
Rain mixing with blood,
The earth turns crimson.

Limbs severed from bodies,
Young boys scream in agony,
The castle lies under siege,
Treason is afoot.

One who had betrayed me,
Is now fallen back in grace,
Showing courage and loyalty,
In killing a foe at the expense of his life.

Sword slides through flesh,
As the body weakens and cries in pain,
A young man dear enough to me,
To be of my own flesh and blood.

No longer the King,
I am a father, rushing to my injured son,
All lies and faults are forgiven,
The past is left in the past.

His wounds are grave,
He'll not make it through the night,
But he's still strong,
And severs our enemy's head.

Presenting this present,
Of treason,
To the evil Irish king and treasonous English,
The English tribes silently unite.

I carry this man to the river,
My wife, his love, is by his side,
I leave them,
Sorrow surrounds the two.

All is forgiven,
Final vows of undying love whispered,
As the brave young man slips from this world,
The lady cries as any lover would.

A love crossed by the stars,
A story of unbreakable loyalty,
There never was such a tale of love,
As that of Tristan and Isolde.
By Hitokiri Ayame

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