Légendes Arthuriennes et autres

Légendes Arthuriennes et autres

The last march of King Arthur

Foggy yet the forest became
Marching blind toward the foe ahead
The army of King Arthur advanced
To defeat the army of Sir Mordred.

Out of the mist came the enemy
Eerily awaiting their presence
Sounds of sword against sword spread through the air
And shouts of vengeance.

Sorrow filled the king's heart
Seeing his men strewn across the earth
For they had died of loyalty to him
And for the country of their birth

Sir Mordred approached sword held high
Upon his face shown aversion
Staring into each others' eyes
A father to son contention.

King Arthur, spear held firmly grasped
Ran at Sir Mordred across the field
Crying, "Traitor, now is thy deathday come"
And smote his son under the shield.

Feeling this to be his death wound
Sir Mordred thrust himself with the might he bore
To the bur of King Arthur's long spear
Looking deep into his eyes once more.

He then smote King Arthur across the helm
Both gell to the earth, one wounded, one dead
All Britain shook from this deadly blow
Sorrow even from Earth so is said.

"Take thou Excalibur",
King Arthur commanded Sir Bedivere,
"And throw it in that water,
Then tell me what thou seest there."

Sir Bedivere betrayed him twice
Until he could do this deed
At waters' edge, he cast the sword
From the back of his loyal steed.

A graceful arm rose from waters' deep
And caught the sword in hand
Taking Excalibur down and vanished
Never again to be seen in the land.

Returning to the wounded king
He told him what he saw
Then bore the king to the waters' edge
And watched as a barge took him afar.


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