Légendes Arthuriennes et autres

Légendes Arthuriennes et autres

Ballad for Sir Lancelot

Down wasted ways have gone his days,
Those of good knight, Sir Lancelot,
And many years have giv'n way to tears,
Those of good knight, Sir Lancelot.
But he will ride or sail with the tide,
Him, the good knight, Sir Lancelot.

There was a time deep in hist'ry's rhyme
For that of good knight, Sir Lancelot
When there lived a king with his royal ring,
Served by good knight, Sir Lancelot.
Arthur, 'was named, and
he tamed
With the help of good knight Sir Lancelot.

This king gathered court with every man's sort
Including good knight, Sir Lancelot,
And made the court home, famed in ev'ry tome
Along with good knight, Sir Lancelot.
So at dusk he'd ride at a trot
All the way back to Camelot
And at his side always rode
His good knight, Sir Lancelot.

The king had a queen who was often seen
In the company of Sir Lancelot,
And she called him her champion,
Yes, the good knight Sir Lancelot.
What everyone knew yet no one knew
Was that the good knight Sir Lancelot
Loved the fair, beauty rare,
'T was the sin of good knight Sir Lancelot.

It drove him mad and the queen sad,
This curse of good knight Sir Lancelot,
'Til he could not bear to see Gwennie's hair,
For that's what he called her, good knight Sir Lancelot,
Draped o'er Arthur's arm and retaining her charm
To him! Poor good knight, Sir Lancelot!

And so he went far away, where he lives to this day,
Our miserable good knight, Sir Lancelot,
Away from the burden he'd wrought, yet so far from Camelot,
This sorrowful good knight, Sir Lancelot,
Where he now rests far from the pests
That beleaguer good knight, Sir Lancelot.

Maybe one day after harvested's the hay,
Will a courageous, good knight Sir Lancelot
Return at a trot to belov'd Camelot
And cry pardon, good knight Sir Lancelot.
Or here he'll stay at the end of the day
And every person will say:
Good night to good knight
Sir Lancelot.



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